Preschool Piano Lessons

Now offering Preschool Piano Lessons for ages 3-5 using WunderKeys method books.

WunderKeys Finger Puppets, used during Preschool Piano Lessons

Your child will meet these guys, the Wunderbies, and spend a lot of time with them during lessons

Older children/students are expected to know a few things before they begin piano lessons. But younger children often haven’t had time to master these concepts yet. That can make teaching them about piano more of a challenge. But Wunderkeys is a program that works with a young child’s strengths so that they can learn basic piano concepts at their own pace, without feeling overwhelmed.

Parents are often concerned that their young child may not want to stick with piano lessons, and making the financial commitment is a big hurdle. For that reason, I’m offering a month of free preschool piano lessons to anyone who is interested. The only thing you have to pay for is the method book (available on Amazon). If you and your child decide that piano lessons are not for them, it’s only cost you about $15. If on the other hand, your child loves piano (and I think they will 😉) they become a regular student. The price is $6 lesson, and you will need to quickly purchase or find a piano or high-quality keyboard for home practice.

If you are interested in preschool piano lessons, or if you have questions about them, please send me a message or contact me via any of the social media outlets (linked below).

For more information on the Wunderkeys method books please visit their website for a free preview.

Not a preschool parent, but still not sure how your child will feel about piano? Just send me a message, and ask about a free trial period. It is my pleasure to introduce kids to the joy of piano.