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Purchasing A Piano or Keyboard

Let’s face it. Pianos are beautiful music making machines. When you step into the world of piano, don’t expect less of this amazing instrument. If you haven’t be blessed to own a piano or quality keyboard yet, here are some things to look for.


Acoustic Pianos: Although pianos can be quite costly there are many options out there for smaller budgets. I recommend a Google search. You can find people who are trying to get rid of a piano, so they will be selling them at a low price and asking you to pick up the piano yourself. Other places to look may be antique stores, consignment shops, and churches looking who are looking to upgrading.


Keyboards: A keyboard can be much less expensive than an acoustic piano, but there are different ranges of these instruments that can be more beneficial to new students than others. Here are some things I tell my students to look for in a keyboard.

  • 88 keys
  • Weighted Keys (simulates the feel of acoustic piano keys)
  • Ability to connect at a sustain pedal
  • Music rack, bench, and keyboard stand included

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